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Hippotherapy Services

Marshall Browning Therapy Center offers Hippotherapy services in partnership with W Ranch Equine Escape, Inc. to adults and children 6 years and over.

Hippotherapy is a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a licensed therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. The sessions are a means towards a foundation to establish neurological function and sensory perception. As the horse moves, patients integrate postural reflexes, develop balance and equilibrium reactions, normalize muscle tone, and helps increase strength of trunk and extremities. The horse's movement and the horse itself provide sensory stimulation and help foster an emotional connection that promotes language, focus and motivation.

The next Hippotherapy session will begin on March 5 and continue through April 27. Future sessions include May 7 through June 29, July 9 through August 31, and September 10 through November 9.

Participants are required to have a physician's order for Occupational Therapy that states that the participant is physically able to participate in an equine-assisted activity. Participants will then contact Occupational Therapy at Marshall Browning Hospital at 618-542-1099 to schedule an evaluation prior to the March 5 start date. Occupational Therapy services are covered by most private insurance providers and the Illinois Department of Public Aid.

Interested participants should contact Marshall Browning Therapy Center as soon as possible. Space in this program is limited.

All physicians and mid-level providers furnishing services are independent contractors and are not employees of Marshall Browning Hospital with the exception of Dr. E. Clay Travis, David Dickinson, DPM, Mariah Charles, FNP, Danielle Klump, FNP, Kathy Laird, APN, Mandie Bagwell, NP, Ariele Loiacono, FNP, Elizabeth Harbison, FNP, Michael Staff, PA-C, Heather Rice, PA-C, and Heather Burns, RD/LDN, CDE. Emergency Room physician services are provided by Integritas Emergency Physician Services. Hospitalist services are provided by Integritas. Radiology services are provided under the auspices of Cape Radiology and pathology services are provided by SEMC Pathology. Interpretation of cardiology diagnostic testing is provided by Prairie Heart. Specialty Clinics physicians holding clinics at Marshall Browning Hospital are independent contractors and are not employees of Marshall Browning Hospital. Anesthesia services are provided under the auspices of Southern Illinois Medical Services.
Independent physicians providing services at Marshall Browning Hospital bill for their services separately and the Hospital Financial Assistance application does not cover nor apply to fees charged. Independent physicians include but are not limited to emergency room physicians (Integritas Emergency Physician Services), radiologists (Cape Radiology), anesthesia (Southern Illinois Medical Services),and pathologists (SEMC). All specialty clinic physicians also bill for their services separately and the Hospital Financial Assistance application does not cover nor apply to fees charged with the exception of the following physicians: Endocrinology Clinic: Issa Abed, M.D.; Gastroenterology Clinic: Christine Hachem, M.D., Alex Befeler, M.D., Jason Taylor, M.D.; Pain Management: Paul Juergens, M.D.; Pulmonology: Suhail Istanbouly, M.D.; Rheumatology: Frederick Pfalzgraf, M.D.; Sleep Clinic: Suhail Istanbouly, M.D.
Marshall Browning Medical Clinic and Marshall Browning Family Health Center are hospital-based rural health clinics operated under Marshall Browning Hospital. Eligibility for financial need assistance as determined through the Patient Financial Assistance application will apply to services billed through the Marshall Browning Medical Clinic and Family Health Center.