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Picture of a female nurse hooking uo sn IV and an elderly female patient lying down in bed,

Infusion Clinic

The MBH Infusion Services Department is located within the Surgical Department. This department provides the following services on an OUTpatient basis:

Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products
IV infusion of Antibiotics
IV infusion of Magnesium
IV of Potassium
Hydration with IV fluids
Port Flushing
Wound care and dressing change
Suture removal
Injections such as Procrit, Depoprovera, Vitamin B12, Lovenox

These procedures will be provided when accompanied by a physicians order and should be scheduled with the department at 618-542-2146, ext. 2234. The department operates Monday to Friday 0700 to 1700. Please remember to schedule all procedures with the department well in advance as each procedure involves different time management for performance and follow up.
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