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Marshall Browning Hospital is now offering video visits to our patients. Our telehealth visits supplement traditional face-to-face visits with the convenience of accessing care virtually, so you can stay close to home. A telehealth visit is completely confidential between medical providers and patients and conducted just like an in-person office visit. Telehealth services will be available to both new and established patients.

Benefits of Telehealth:

During a telehealth appointment, providers connect with patients through video chat or, if necessary, a phone call to diagnose, treat, educate and prescribe appropriate medications. A telehealth visit is a valuable option for a variety of health care needs and an alternative for some follow-up visits.

Routine office visits for sudden, minor health conditions
Follow-up visits for chronic conditions
Medicare annual wellness visits
Health screenings
Consultations with specialists
Surgery follow-up visits
Psychiatry and mental health appointments

Telehealth Services Currently Offered:

(We will expand telehealth services to additional service lines in the future.)

Telehealth Consultations are offered with the following providers:

Issa Abed, M.D. (Endocrinology Clinic) - 618-542-1045
Mariah Charles, MSN, APN, FNP-BC (Medical Clinic) - 618-542-1050
David Dickinson, D.P.M. (Podiatry Clinic) - 618-542-1050
Suhail Istanbouly, M.D. (Pulmonology Clinic) - 618-542-2129
Danielle Klump, MSN, APN, FNP-BC (Medical Clinic) - 618-542-1050
Kathy Laird, APN, ACNP-BC (Family Health Center - 618-542-2129
Frederick Pfalzgraf, M.D. (Rheumatology Clinic) - 618-542-1045
Heather Rice, PA-C (Family Health Center) - 618-542-2129

Preparing for your visit:

Ensure you have a PC or laptop with a camera and microphone or a smart phone with a camera.
Make sure you have access to a strong internet connection or a strong cellular connection if using a mobile device.
If using a PC or laptop, please use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Internet Explorer will not work.
If using a PC or laptop, make sure your operating system's Privacy Settings allow camera and microphone access.
If using a PC or laptop, make sure you have a microphone and that it is working. If not, you can use headphones that have a built-in microphone.
If using a mobile device, make sure your battery is adequately charged (at least 30%) or the device is plugged in and charging. Apple devices must be at a minimum of iOS 11.x or higher on the following devices:
     - iPhone 5s and above
     - iPod Touch 6th Generation
     - iPad Air & iPad Mini 2 and above (includes all iPad Pros)
     - Android devices must be at OS version 5.0 or higher
If using a mobile device, set the device's default browser settings to allow camera and microphone access (Chrome for Android or Safari for iOS).
Please review this tutorial video for additional instructions on how to allow camera and microphone access on your mobile device:
     - Close all other programs on your computer or mobile device.
     - If possible, arrange a private place for your visit that limits background noise and interruptions.
     - If you are able, please check your vital signs before your visit - blood pressure, weight, and temperature

Just before your visit:

1. Just before your appointment, you will receive an email or an SMS text with a secure link from a staff member in our office inviting you to join a secure chat.

2. Complete the fields on the authentication screen and select the Confirm and View Message button to access the secure chat session.

3. Send our provider a text message within the secure chat session to let him/her know that you are logged in and ready for the video session.

4. Remain in the secure chat session until you receive an invitation to join a secure video chat with our provider. Click Accept to join the secure video chat.

5. If you receive a pop-up request to allow Backline to access your camera and microphone, select the Allow option.

6. Next, you will see yourself in the upper right corner of the screen while you're waiting for the provider to appear in the middle of your screen. Don't worry if you don't see it right away - depending upon signal strength, there may be a slight delay.

7. Please be patient as we sometimes run a couple minutes behind schedule.

During your visit:

Once you have connected with your provider, discuss your issues and concerns, request prescription refills, get new prescriptions, etc. Many things can be addressed during a video visit.

After your visit:

Please note that video visits are just like an office visit, meaning your insurance will be billed afterwards and may also require a copay.

About Your Privacy & Security

Marshall Browning Hospital and Clinics maintain the privacy and security of your information as required by federal law and applicable state law, regulations, and other authorities to protect the privacy of your personal health information.

Billing & Insurance

A telehealth visit with Marshall Browning Hospital is just like a regular office visit, which means your insurance provider is billed. Insurance coverage for telehealth services can vary.

If your insurance requires a co-payment, you will be billed accordingly. If you are unsure about your coverage, please contact your insurance provider directly, or the Hospital Patient Accounts Department at 618-542-1025.

For more information on telehealth services, please call the clinics directly. Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare.
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