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Wound Care Clinic

Healing Begins Here

The Wound Care Clinic at the Marshall Browning East Medical Clinic provides treatment for various types of non-healing wounds, including burns, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, radiation injuries, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, vasculitis and other inflammatory ulcers, and venous stasis ulcers. Every year, nearly 10 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, traumatic injury, or other conditions. These skin lesions cause pain and an increased risk of infection. The Wound Care Clinic includes compression therapy, negative pressure wound therapy (VAC), off-loading and casting, skin and soft tissue debridement, and specially chosen dressings and wraps.

Contact Our Team Today at (618) 790-7401

Your Healing Program

At the Wound Care Clinic, you will be thoroughly evaluated, and an initial wound care plan will be started. Additional testing may be ordered to better evaluate any underlying causes of your wound healing issue. Following this, there will be regular visits to the Wound Care Clinic, where photos of the affected area will be taken to monitor healing progress and help determine if changes are needed. You will always be given detailed instructions regarding in-home care, such as dressing changes and protecting the wound from further injury.

How We Work with Your Doctor

The Wound Care Clinic will work with your primary physician just like any other medical specialist. We’ll update them regularly about your progress. During your treatment at our clinic, you will continue to see your doctor for your routine medical care.

We Have Convenient Hours

The Wound Care Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. by appointment.

We Are Near the Hospital

Our Wound Care Clinic is located within the Marshall Browning East Medical Clinic at 916 North Washington Street in Du Quoin, IL.

What About Cost?

Medicare and many health plans cover treatment at the Wound Care Clinic. Coverage depends on your specific plan. Please be sure to bring your insurance cards when you visit us.

Expert Wound Care

The Marshall Browning Wound Care Clinic is led by our general surgeon, Dr. Isaac Lowe*. Dr. Lowe has been recognized as a Certified Wound Specialist® Physician (CWSP) by the American Board of Wound Management. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and completed a General Surgery Residency and Peripheral Vascular Fellowship at the Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Important members of the Wound Care Clinic include Dr. David Dickinson, Podiatrist, and the Marshall Browning Rehab Team.

Dr. Lowe
Dr. Lowe
Wound Care Clinic
Office: 618.790.7401
Dr. Dickinson
Dr. Dickinson
Office: 618.790.7401
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