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Picture of Aquatic Rehabilitation equipment.
Picture of Aquatic Rehabilitation equipment.

Aquatic Rehabilitation

Aquatic Rehab Services

Aquatic services are provided in a warm water therapeutic pool environment. It is a state of the art 8'x12' pool with multiple depths of 4' and 5' with 8 distinct work stations including exercise bench, steps and deep water running platform. This pool has the unique capability of adjustable resistance water current from 0 to 6.5 mph. This enables your therapist to intensify your workout from beginning phases to advanced phases as you tolerate.

To Be Eligible

To receive services, you must require rehab of the back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee, or have a distinct illness/disease that requires skilled therapeutic treatment. A physician's prescription is required.


Services are provided under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist with an aquatic trained licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in the pool at all times with patients. For easier access, a hydrostatic lift chair is available to lift and lower patients into and from the pool.

Call 618-542-2146 ext. 1099 to schedule an appointment if your physician has prescribed Aquatic Rehab for your condition.
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