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Picture of a woman lying down on her back while a Physical Therapist stretches her leg.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy is provided by licensed physical Therapists (PT). Physical Therapists initially evaluate the patient to establish a treatment plan, rehab potential and desired goals. Treatment may then be performed by either the Physical Therapist or the Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA). Treatment often consists of therapeutic exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, joint range of motion and coordination. Gait training and balance training are also commonly performed techniques. Physical agents/ modalities of heat, cold, electrotherapy and mechanical traction are frequently used to alleviate pain, edema and muscle spasms. Manual therapy techniques of massage, myofascial release and mobilizations as well as functional training and patient education are also primary treatment approaches. All treatment is directed toward restoring function, promoting and maintaining fitness, health and quality of life in all age populations. Pediatric services are also available.

Contact 618-542-2146 ext. 1099 to schedule your initial appointment. You must have a physician referral for physical therapy.
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